Pools are a wonderful source of entertainment and comfort when the weather gets warmer. But, the risk of drowning is too high to leave your pool unprotected all the time. To help mitigate the drowning risk, there are many laws in place in various countries about installing pool fences. I want to teach you how to read pool fence reviews and get the right information, so you can make the best decision.

How can you know if a pool fence is going to be safe or not? Here are the main things to look at:. There should be no easy places to hold onto or stand on to climb over the fence. Fences need to be tall enough to block people from entering easily. Your local area may have a specific requirement about height. Check with the relevant authorities to make sure you meet the height requirements completely.

flat top pool fencing

There should be little to no space between the bottom of the fence and the ground. If the ground clearance is too high, children and adults may be able to go underneath the fence easily. Fences can be made with a variety of materials of different prices, sturdiness, and appearances. Not all materials will offer the same safety benefits as others.

I will talk more about these material types later to help you make a clearer choice. The gap between fence pieces should be small enough to keep small children from climbing through the fence.

Most fences come in kits that you will have to put together for yourself. The method of connection will help you know if the fence will be safe or not.

Are the pieces well attached to each other, or are they loosely fitted and flimsy? Aluminum used for pool fences is usually powder-coated, a method that makes it highly resistant to the elements. Most ornamental aluminum fences do not work as privacy fences, so if you want to have a fence that blocks view to your pool or yard, this is not the best type. PVC materials are very strong, and they can be made into many different designs of fences.

PVC fences can be used as standard slat fences or privacy fences, depending on how they are installed. As the classic fence building material, wood has been used in this role for decades.

While wood does usually require more maintenance, it also offers you more choices in appearance and design. While these are not the most reliable types of pool fences, mesh fences are available and legal in some parts of the world.New Lowest Price Ever! Extra wide - 3m Pool B. Fittings set for aluminium fence panels. Aluminium Post 50x50mm x 1. Aluminium Flanged, Bolt Down Post 50x50mm x 1.

Base Plate has 4 x 11mm diamete. Great Va. A fast and easy way to create a gate up to 3m wide! Simply cut our Fence Guru Alumi. This is a. Post 50x50 x 2. Powdercoated Black. Use with pool g. If this gate is ordered in Sy. Purchase 2 to make a double gate setup.

Fence Guru Flat. Top pull, lockable, magnetic pool safe gate latch with pair of spring loaded, self closing hinges. Coloured Black. Sizing of screws are x. Flat Cover Plate xmm square to suit 50 x 50mm Black Post. Can be used when posts are core d. A Stylis. A Stylish.

Aluminium Pool & Garden Fencing

Fittings set for SlatFence Fence panels. Base plate is 10mm thick, xmm. Kit includes 4 x 50mm long stainless steel screws to a. View as:. Add to Cart. Fence Post with Cap 1. Flanged Fence Post with cap 1. Our Price. Simply cut our Retail. Extra Long Fence Post used also as pool gate latch post with Cap 2.

Use with pool g Retail. Extra Long Flanged Fence Post used also as pool gate latch post with cap 1.Our Flat Top design is by far the most popular with its clean lines and simple design.

Like all of our powder coated aluminium manufactured products, our Aluminium Pool Fencing range is covered by our famous 10 Year Manufacturing Warranty. Brochure Download Here. Specification Sheet Download Here. Site Plan Download Here. Colour Chart Download Here. Rails are 38 x 25mm with 16mm pickets passing through the rails and welded in 6 points.

Panels are manufactured to mm high to comply with AS Panel widths are mm and mm or we can manufacture to size if required. Gates have a standard width of mm to suit a mm opening, or we can manufacture to size to suit your opening.

Our Aluminium Posts are manufactured from T6 Aluminium and Powder Coated for superior strength and corrosion resistance properties. As the posts are in close vicinity to a high chlorine and salt water environment, you should insist on aluminium Posts for your pool area to ensure longer life and structural integrity. Download : : Aluminium Pool Fencing Posts.

We stock a full range of gate hardware to complement our entire aluminium tubular pool fencing range. The MagnaLatch can be key locked and is tested for more than 10, cycles, making it the safest latch available. Download : : Magna Latch Installation. Not all pool areas are level, so you may need raked panels to suit sloping ground; or custom panels to suit changes in level via retaining walls.

We manufacture these panels to suit your project and ensure they comply with the relevant pool standards. These panels are easy to measure using our templates. AutoCAD drawings are provided so you can check all dimensions to ensure accuracy. This document explains how much you can rake a panel to ensure it still complies with AS Raked Panels designed to suit sloping ground. Retaining Wall Panels to ensure Pool Compliance over stepping ground. All of our aluminium tubular panels, gates, posts and fittings are fully packaged for safe and easy handling.

Whilst powder coated aluminium is very robust, it is susceptible to scratching or denting during handling and transport to site.Our flat top pool fencing and gates comply with Australian Standards and our standard black colour is an excellent choice blending into the surroundsand is not intrusive. We use a 19mm tube to ensure maximum strength and certainty with compliance laws. A full range of powder coated colours are also available.

Fabrication is done in house and all custom panels and gates can be made to suit the application required. We carry out a full range of pool compliance repairs, so your pool will pass its inspection. Pool inspections can be arranged on request.

Aluminium Fencing is manufactured to order. Designs, styles, heights and widths can all vary to suit individual tastes. We manufacture a range of Aluminium privacy screens to suit requirements - from horizontal or vertical slats in various widths, heights and designs.

Flat Top Deco Fencing

A full range of powdercoated colours are available. Our Aluminium gates are welded and powdercoated to suit our harsh Australian conditions. Our Aluminium gate frames are fully welded and can be powdercoated in a range of colours. Toggle navigation. Flat Top Aluminium Pool Fencing. Aluminium Garden Fencing. Pool Compliance We carry out a full range of pool compliance repairs, so your pool will pass its inspection.

Garden Fencing Aluminium Garden Fencing is a great alternative to the fully enclosed fence. Aluminium Privacy Screens We manufacture a range of Aluminium privacy screens to suit requirements - from horizontal or vertical slats in various widths, heights and designs.

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flat top pool fencing

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flat top pool fencing

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flat top pool fencing

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Flat Top Deco Fencing

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How To Install Aluminium Pool Fencing - DIY At Bunnings

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